Manchester City Head coach, Pep Guardiola Has refused to draw conclusion on the league Title Despite Opening an eighth point lead at the top of the Table.

Pep Guardiola's Boys have been exceptional all round the season and as things stands, they're currently Cruising to defend their Premier League Title. As the pressure at the top of the table continued to mount, Manchester City Were Resilient and continued to press Forward but same cannot be said for Liverpool and Chelsea who are beginning to crumble under pressure, added to the Issues of Covid-19 especially on the Blues Squad.

Speaking on Amazon Sport, Pep Guardiola Refused to Rule out the fact that Liverpool and Chelsea are still title Contenders despite the recent turn out of things for Both Clubs.

"There are 54 points to play. Fifty-four," Pep told Amazon Sport .

"We were 4-0 up [against Leicester] and in 20 minutes we were 4-3 three days ago. All of you, thank you for your nice words because we win but I'm not going to believe any of the words you're going to say if you think it is already done.

"Chelsea and Liverpool are more than exceptional - one is the European champions and Liverpool have been our big rival for years.

“The difference is not because they dropped points but because we won 10 games in a row."


Meanwhile, Thomas Tuchel on the Other hand has refused to accept that his team are still Title Contenders Considering the High Influx of Covid-19 on the Blues Squad. The Chelsea Gaffer sees it as "Stupid" to think that Chelsea are Still in Contention for any Title this season.

“How should we be in it? We have seven Covid cases. We have five or six players out for six or more weeks. How should we compete in a title race?" Tuchel said When asked if his Team can still compete for titles.

“Everyone else who has a full squad, everybody in training has the full power to come through this league.

“We would be stupid to think we can do it out of Covid and injuries and just play, and everybody would be stupid to do it without 23 fit players.”

Chelsea Faces off with Liverpool on the 2nd of January in a Crucial Encounter at Stamford Bridge. Meanwhile, Arsenal and Manchester City Battle it out at the Emirates Stadium on New year's day.