Head Coach of Chelsea Football Club, Thomas Tuchel has revealed the two Players who connects the Best with Romelu Lukaku during Matchdays.

Romelu Lukaku is Unarguably one of  Biggest signing in the EPL this Season and the Big Belgian has wasted no time in Announcing his return back to English Football. 

Romelu Lukaku has so far Scored 4 goals for Chelsea this season across all Competitions. 3 of his goals came in the EPL against Arsenal (1) and Aston Villa (2). The Former Inter Milan man also has a goal in the UCL this season against Zenit.

This season which is still in progress, Lukaku has Played 8 games for the Blues. 

For the Past couple of Games, Lukaku has struggled a bit to make an Impact as he has been kept quiet against teams like Spurs, Manchester City and even Juventus. 


Thomas Tuchel responding to a question on Lukaku being Isolated and if there's any Adjustments being made for him, Tuchel answered: 

"He was fully involved in the first game against Arsenal, the second half against Tottenham he was involved in creating chances for Timo Werner, Mason in the first half."

"I think that football right now is about connections, Romelu I feel has a strong connection with Mason Mount and Mateo Kovacic."

"Like I said, we have games where he was fully involved but now we have games like against Manchester City where of course he was isolated, City made him that, our transition did that as well. There will always be matches like this. There is no place to go."

"Sometimes you have these games so maybe this one is not a reference game."

"We will talk maybe totally different if he had scored in the 80th minute [against Juventus] which was a chance he normally scores."

"It is right but nothing major to worry about. We are aware of it."