English Football Pundits, Chris Sutton and Bobby Savage have dropped their Candid opinion on the team they feel would win the English Premier League Trophy this Season. 

With six Matches Played so far, the EPL is yet to get a Clear Favourite as teams from 1st to 6th Position are closely tied on Points. Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Everton, Manchester United and Brighton have All Started the Season Strongly.

With the Inclusion of new Players in the "Big Boys" Squad, the EPL has become even more Competitive. Last season's Champions, Man City added Highly Rated Former Aston Villa Man, Jack Grealish to their Squad while Chelsea and Man United welcomed Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo back to the EPL. 

Chris Sutton as per Reports is of the Opinion that Chelsea would be crowned Champions of England while Liverpool, Mancity and Manchester United will fall behind the European Champions.

"Do you know what? Before the start of the season, before a ball was kicked, I was thinking Manchester City [would win the title]," Sutton told the UMM YouTube channel.

"But that was if they signed Harry Kane, and they didn’t. I’m going to go for Chelsea, mainly because of [summer signing Romelu] Lukaku".

"At this moment in time Chelsea’s defence looks so solid, they have goals in their team, you look at their attacking players…"

"I’m going for Chelsea. I worry about Manchester City not signing Harry Kane, I think they will regret that and they could finish third because of it. Liverpool are the runners-up for me."

Chris Sutton's top-four prediction

Manchester City
Manchester United

Chris Sutton's opinion was strongly backed by Bobby Savage who only made slight changes to his own Prediction

Savage added: ‘Before the start of the season, I would have gone Chelsea, Man City, Man United and Liverpool, in that order.

"I’m still going for Chelsea to win it because their squad is unbelievable and the Romelu Lukaku signing."

"If Man City would have got Kane, I would’ve gone for them but they didn’t. I’ve got them second."

"I went for Manchester United in third but I’d change that to Liverpool now. [Virgil] Van Dijk is like a new signing, the same for [Joe] Gomez, they’ve got all their players back."

"I think Liverpool with Van Dijk will finish third ahead of Manchester United."