Popular retired UFC Fighter, khabib Nurmagomedov has revealed what Returning Manchester United Striker, Cristiano Ronaldo told him as the Player seals a deal Away from Juventus.

The Last few days have Particularly been on the Arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United, a Club where he Left 13 years ago.Ever since his Departure, Ronaldo has played for Real Madrid and most recently, Juventus. 

The Player sealed a €15m move away from Juventus where he has a couple of Achievements with Team Trophies and Individual Accolades. 

Ronaldo is not a stranger to the EPL. The Player in his first Spell at old Trafford recorded 118 goals in 292 Appearances, not Forgetting lots of Silverwares including the Ballon D'or added to it. 

Retired UFC Fighter khabib Nurmagomedov has revealed that Ronaldo's Move to Man United didn't come Much as a surprise to him, Revealing the chat he had with the Five Time Ballon D'or winner.

‘A month ago, he told me that he was moving to Manchester United,’ he told reporters at the New Knowledge Marathon in Moscow.

‘I expected this deal to take place. I think that Manchester United is more suitable for him than Juventus. For me, the transition was not a surprise.’

Speaking further on RT MMA Sports as per Metrosports.co.uk the fighter Went on to disclose that Cristiano Ronaldo was Bored in Italy.

‘I wouldn’t like to reveal our private chat. Well, he told me that he was bored in Italy and that he would like to move to England,’ the Russian said.

‘For real, when I watch Italian football… I  am not a big fan of it. English football, on the contrary and I would never switch it off.

‘No matter which team is playing, it’s always a spectacle.’

Asked whether he thinks Ronaldo is better than Lionel Messi, Khabib replied: ‘Yes, I do.

‘Well, Messi plays very well, too. He is one of the best players ever. I think they are on the same level skill-wise, but Cristiano has more charisma