Nigerian Striker, Taiwo Awoniyi has shown his Gratitude to Referee Marco Fritz for saving his Life after a Nasty Head collision with Augsburg Defender  Felix Udokhai.

The Clash of heads left the 22 Years old unconscious and in a very scary situation but for the Timely Intervention of the Experienced German Referee, Awoniyi was able to regain some level of stability before being Stretchered off the Pitch for Proper Medical Attention.

 “I must commend the referee, medical staff, they did a great job and I think even my teammates were not conscious of it, only the referee was aware, something must have pushed him to know that someone is on the ground, and for me that’s God,” he told Omasports as reported on Brila 

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The 2013 U-17 world cup winner revealed that he has gotten in touch with the referee to show Appreciation.

“I did (call him afterward). I requested his number from my agent, so I texted him, expressing how grateful I am to him and he responded saying he’s happy he could help and he hopes to see me on the pitch again very soon.”

Awoniyi also Stated that Felix Udokhai, the Augsburg Player who he clashed heads with also called to Check on him to know how he was faring

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“I don’t know how 
 got my number, he said ‘Taiwo I’m really sorry for what happened, I’m your brother and I hope you come back soon. This shows football is not just all about the competition, there’s so much love in it as well."