Taye Taiwo in an interview with former Super Eagles media officer,Collins Udoh, opened up about his twin which people widely regard as a male but turns up to be a female.Taye Taiwo happens not to have shared memories with his twin sister as he reveals that his father told him about the unfortunate Demise of his Twin.

There have also been different false accusations against the Left back as some people claims he forged his age and that his twin who they never knew was a couple of years ahead of him.

 "People don't even know the background of someone but they just write what they don't know about. When I was younger my father told me that I was a twin but the second was a girl and we lost her. So how come since Taye Taiwo started playing football, going to the World Cup, and there is no picture of my twin?"

Taye Taiwo, who also played for English side, Queen's Park Rangers, shared his ordeal in the hands of Journalists who walkesd up to him asking him if he was a twin.

"When I was in London, they started doing a joke around. A journalist came to the training ground to ask me if I have a twin. I was like what kind of question is that? I don't have. I was feeling very bad though. But it's a free world, "he concluded.