The Players of the Super Falcons of Nigeria Might have had their prayers answered as reports gathered has it that a FIFA Official has been assighed to ensure that the players get the Financial Benefits they deserve for Participating at the World Cup. 

There have been several Controversies in recent times surrounding the Payment of Players their Financial Benefits by the Nigerian Football Federation which has led to the NFF receiving Backlash from a lot of Concerned Persons and Also led to the Interference of FIFA in ensuring that the players gets the Cash prizes they are entitled to.

It could be recalled that at the World there were reports that one of FIFA officials, Fatma Samoura who is the General secretary of FIFA had announced to the Player in the dressing room following their Round of 16 qualification that FIFA will now pay the Players their Financial Benefits directly Rather than going through the Federation. 

The above report was soon denied by a member of the NFF, Aisha Folade who claimed that Fatma Samoura didn't make such statement of FIFA Paying Players directly.

Nigeria's Progress to the Quarter Finals of The FIFA Women's World Cup was Stopped by the three Lionesses of England who defeated the Women's African Football Giants on Penalties.

Following the elimination of Nigeria at the World Cup, a new report has Emerged from top Journalist, Osasu Obayiwuana on Twitter who claims that FIFA has assigned an official in person of Gelson Fernandes to ensure that the Super Falcons as well as other Africa teams that Participated of the Competition get their Financial Entitlements.

The Players of the Super Falcons of Nigeria are entitled to the sum of $60,000 (over 46 milliom naira) each. 

Aside the Financial Benefits from FIFA the Players since their return from the World Cup has enjoyed some heartwarming moments as some of them got invitations to meet with Governors from their states who honoured and made promises to them. 

The Imo State Governor offered cash prizes and plot of land to four super Falcons players. The Osun state Governor Also hosted two Nigerian Players.

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