Chelsea's Striker, Romelu Lukaku has taken time to Analyze his style of Play following Criticisms for the lack of Goals in his Last 5 Games.

The Belgian Forward Signed from Serie A defending Champions, Inter Milan is currently one of EPL's highly rated Strikers. The Striker wasted no time in Announcing his return back to English Football, scoring 4 goals in his first 4 Matches for Chelsea. 

The Player has experienced a bit of Goal drought, going 5 Matches without finding the back of the Net. 

The Big Belgian Goal Poacher is beginning to attract Criticisms Over a poor run of Goalscoring form.

The Former Manchester United Man reacting to his poor scoring form has taken time to discuss on his pattern of play

"The way I’m built – I’m quite big – everybody thinks I’m a sort of target man: just holding up the ball and being a goal poacher," Lukaku told

"But I’ve never played that way and I hate it. My biggest strength is that I’m dangerous when I’m facing towards the goal, because that’s when I rarely make wrong choices."

"After I pass the ball, I know where I have to position myself in the box. I can do a bit of everything and in some games when I know there is a lot of space behind the defence, I play differently."

"The reason I’m so productive [in front of goal] is because I can do a bit of everything."

The All-time Belgian Top scorer in international Football, with 67 goals in 100 games has reflected on his Trying times with the National team, going some couple of Goals without scoring before eventually getting settled in the team. 

"I didn’t really begin scoring goals straight away for the national team. It took me some time. But once I had settled in, I knew I would have opportunities to score and that the other players would enable me to do so," he added.

"Everyone else started to score goals as well, not just me: Eden [Hazard], Kevin [De Bruyne], Dries [Mertens]. That made me think that in attack, we have real top quality. And for me, it was like a sweet store: just constantly scoring goals."

"At some point, I stopped counting and just continued playing. And we also won our matches. That was the great achievement, you know: scoring and winning."

"I really hate to lose, but scoring and still losing is awful as well. I’m glad that we managed to win so many of our matches, but in the end you really just want to win a trophy and that’s what truly motivates me."