Swedish Club,Hammarby IF has confirmed the Signing of Nigerian Golden Eaglet star , Akinkunmi Amoo on a 4-Year Permanent deal. The club is Co-owned by Legendary Footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has 23% shares in the club.

The club has had an Agreement with the Family of Amoo that when the Youngster turns 18, he would become an Hammarby IF Player. The club released an Official Statement on its Website which reads:

"Last Sunday, Akinkunmi Ayobami turned 18 years old, and signed the agreement which means that from now on he is a Hammarby player."

"We have had an agreement with Amoo and his family, that if he wants to choose us when he is 18, he is welcome to Hammarby. Now he warmly welcomes him to Hammarby. Although we have a tough time in these corona times, we have felt that we need to stand by our word and that is why we have chosen to go ahead and sign an agreement with Amoo. In addition to the purely moral we have also spent a lot of time to follow and develop Amoo as a player, it would feel tough to throw that effort overboard now, says Hammarby Fotboll's CEO, Henrik Kindlund."

"Akinkunmi Ayobami Amoo is at home in Nigeria, and when he joins Hammarby remains to be seen. Due to the corona epidemic, it is currently unclear when Amoo can obtain a visa to Sweden, but Hammarby Fotboll's goal is, of course, to join the club as soon as possible."

Amoo was part of the Nigerian Golden Eaglet team that were Knocked out by Netherlands in the 2019 FIFA U-17 World cup round of 16 Tie.