Man united forward, Ighalo has made his opinion known on the never-ending Messi Vs Ronaldo battle for Supremacy. Ighalo also Jumped on Lampard Vs Iniesta.

The AFCON golden boot winner obviously Is a fan of both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo but still has his preference between both players. Rather than comparing them based on stats, the Nigerian made his selection based on Level of hardwork.

"I'll take Ronaldo over Messi because he's a hard worker. I believe in hard work. Ighalo told Ghanaian journalist Juliet Bawuah.

"Messi is blessed, he is a genius of the world. He's incredible but for Ronaldo to be working hard every year, he's incredible. 

"At his age Ronaldo is still hardworking, that's the mentality I have.If Ronaldo at his age is working hard, who are we not to work hard? He's a great player, he scores lots of goals too."

Furthermore, Ighalo was asked to pick between Barca Legend, Andres Iniesta and Current Chelsea coach Frank Lampard but the 30 years old striker couldn't decide on both players.

"Lampard is a goalscorer, he's not really a midfielder. Iniesta is a great player, when he touches the ball though he doesn't score much goals but he assists. 

"It's a difficult one, I cannot pick. I'll rather have the two of them in my team, they are good players".

The Messi vs Ronaldo debate never looks to be ending anytime soon even when both legends are retired. They've come up with amazing stats Year in Year out with a whooping 11 balloon d'ors between them.