Former Barcelona, Chelsea and Inter Milan Striker, Samuel Eto'o has claimed that Sadio Mane Lost the Ballon d'or because of lack of support from African Nations.

Lionel Messi claimed his sixth Ballon d'or award some weeks ago after edging rivals Virgil Van-dijk and Cristiano Ronaldo who came second and third respectively. Liverpool Talisman, Sadio Mane finished 4th in the Ranking but Samuel Eto'o believes that Africans didn't vote for Mane, hence he lost the award.

According to Samuel Eto'o, " Messi won because all the south Americans voted for him, I think the Europeans also voted for VVD hence, he was the runner-up. Africans didn't vote for Mane. That's the Big problem. African people have problems with other African people. We as African are letting ourselves down. We need to unite if we are serious about ending the dominance of the Europeans and South Americans in the race to be crowned the best players in the world."

Do you agree with Samuel Eto'o?