Fc Barcelona Captain Leo Messi Speaks on his lack of a major International Trophy for his  countr, Argentina.

The 32 years old who recently received the 2018/19 European Golden boot in an interview expressed his discontentment on his failure to secure a Senior international trophy despite coming very close on different occasions

According to the U-20 world cup Winner and Olympic Gold Medalist,
He said" I would have love to be a world champion but I don't think I would change anything else in my career to be one. This is what God Gave Me. I couldn't dream of anything that I experienced after. It was far bigger than anything I could have imagined".
Source: Marca


Leo Messi had Four times came close to securing a major international trophy for his Nation. With three Copa America Final defeats and a 1-0/world cup final loss to Germany in the 2014 Fifa world cup.

Leo Messi still has one more Chance to secure a international trophy when his Nation hosts the 2020 edition of Copa America