Argentine forward has given a piece of his mind after being questioned about his self Appraisal compared to Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Barcelona captain who recently received his golden boot award for recording the most goals in Europe top leagues last season was recently in a mix of question and answer session and one of the question thrown at him was...
"Cristiano and zlatan talks about themselves. You do not do that
 How do you find your self as a player" in response to that question,the 32 year old FIFA the best winner made it clear that he isn't the type of player that talks about himself, rather he let his fans do the talking. Speaking in the interview, Leo said "I'd rather people talk about me. I know what I am. What I did and what I can give,but I keep it to myself. People can have their say,I don't like to talk abou t myself,I like to talk about the collective"  via Marca.

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Ronaldo and zlatan on the other hand are two great players who have featured for top teams across Europe and has recorded a number of great achievements which they talk about. Leo on the other hand let's the fans do the talking while he does his thing on the field of play. Leo and Cris rivalry has lived over a decade.

Recently , Leo messi revealed he almost left Barcelona owing to tax issued which left him frustrated.