According to a recent study carried out by the Alan Turing Institute(ofcom), a list of the top ten most abused players on Twitter have been released after an assessment of 2.3 Million tweets.

Football as everyone knows is a game of Mixed Emotions. Football Fans, Many at times supports their team through thick and thin and are ready to sacrifice it all by all means to see that they give their teams the maximum support deserved.

Most Football Fans derive their Joy through watching football games and as such wouldn't want anything to Come in-between Their happiness and therefore whether be it a Player from their team or another player Making things a bit difficult for their club they are ready to use the power they have (Social Media) to call such player(s).  Football Fans that Acts this way seen as Die Hard Football Fans which is really not proper especially when it involves abuses.

Nowadays, there are several Football taunt and troll pages all over Social Media that are aimed to taunt players based on their performances or as a result of Club Rilvary and unfortunately some Players get to Take the larger chunk of the Criticisms and abuses.

The recent study carried out by Alan Turing Institute has listed Manchester United's Forward, Cristiano Ronaldo as the Most abused Footballer on Twitter and one could say the abuses rose in recent weeks possibly due to the Player's recent transfer speculations which has Made many unhappy and some wouldn't mind turning against him. Even rival fans wouldn't Miss an opportunity to taunt the 37 Years old whenever there's a chance to.

Closely Following Cristiano Ronaldo is Manchester United's Captain, Harry Maguire and this is actually not surprising as the player has come under serious Criticisms in recent Months as a result of his performance as a defender. Their actions (online abusers) isn't justifiable. 

On the list, we Also have Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, Fred, Jesse Lingard, Grealish, Paul Pogba, David De gea and Surprisingly, Harry Kane.

Kane's inclusion is certainly not Based on Footballing abilities but most likely due to his inability to get some silverwares from the clubs he has played for.
Argentine Maestro and current PSG attacker, Lionel Messi didn't make the list and this Comes as a surprise considering the fact that his Closest Rival, Cristiano Ronaldo made the list.

The Organization, ofcom has had their say on this recent findings.

"These findings shed light on a dark side to the beautiful game," said Kevin Bakhurst, Ofcom's group director for broadcasting and online content.

"Online abuse has no place in sport, nor in wider society, and tackling it requires a team effort."


In all, we don't appreciate abuses and insults on Footballer as they go a long way to affect the players mentally or emotionally, throwing insults certainly isn't the best way to express opinions on Football related matters or on issues regarding to Footballers