Manchester United Striker, Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted that he isn't Happy with the Achievements of Manchester United so far, Particularly speaking on this season.

The 36 Years old Former Real Madrid Man Signed from Juventus for €15m has wasted no Time in Announcing his Return in English Football as he has bagged 14 goals and 3 Assists in 21 appearances for the Red Devils across all Competitions this Season.

This Past Year 2021 was certainly a memorable one for Cristiano Ronaldo. Apart from His famous Return to Manchester United, the Portuguese also Boasts of achieving some records which Includes Officially Becoming the Highest Goal Scorer on international Stage with 115 goals after Overtaking Iranian Ali Daei and also Getting pass the 800 Goal Mark for both Club and Country, an Achievement he was rewarded for at the Globe Soccer Awards held in Dubai.

Added to his Records, Cristiano Ronaldo was also Part of Juventus Italian Cup and Italian Super Cup winning team. The Striker also Boasts of the Top scorers Award at the Euro 2020 Tournament. 

Cristiano Ronaldo on his Last Instagram post of the past year reflected on his Achievements for both Clubs and Country but Admitted that despite the Achievements, he isn't happy with the Achievements at Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo who tagged his Return to the Old Trafford as his Most Iconic Moment has Made it clear that the team needs to work harder, Play Better and deliver more than what they've been delivering so far.

His Instagram post Reads:

2021 is coming to an end and it was far from being an easy year, despite my 47 goals scored across all competitions.
Two different clubs and five different
coaches. One Euro Final Stage played
with my National Team and one World
Cup Qualification left pending for 2022.
At Juventus, I was proud to win the Italian Cup and the Italian Supercup, and become the Série A Top Scorer. For Portugal, becoming the Euro Top Scorer was also a high point this year. And of course, my return to Old Trafford will always be one of the most iconic moments in my career.              
But I'm not happy with what we are achieving in Man. United. None of us are happy, I'm sure of that. We know that we have to work harder, play better and deliver way more than we are delivering right now.                                     
Let's make this New Year's Eve a turning point of the season! Let's embrace 2022 with a higher spirit and a stronger mentality. Let's take us above and beyond, let's reach for the stars and put this club right where it belongs! Join us, we're counting on all of you!                                                Happy New Year and see you soon!

Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester Starts up their 2022 Premier League Campaign against Wolves on Monday 3rd of January 2022.

The Portuguese Also Faces a bigger task in Getting his Country to the world Cup after Missing out on an Automatic Qualification Spot from the Group Stage of the Qualifiers. Cristiano Ronaldo could come up against Italy in the Playoffs.