Manchester United Defender, Luke Shaw has revealed his Admiration for two Premier League cLegend.

Shaw, 26, a Left Back plying his trade in the English Premier League with Manchester United has pinpointed the duo of David Beckham and Ashley Cole has two Former Players he would have loved to play alongside.

Ashley Cole, a Chelsea Legend who spent 8 Years with the blues is Undoubtedly one of the greatest Premier League Defenders of his Generation. Playing as Left back, same position as Luke Shaw, the Chelsea Legend has emerged as a role model for Shaw who himself Also picked Former Manchester United Attacking Wizard, David Beckham as one player he has always admired.

Though Shaw would have loved to play with Ashley Cole, the United Defender disclosed that he may not have gotten his Chance if he played alongside cole.

Discussing on the Players he would have wanted to play with, Luke shaw said (Via Metro)

"I can’t say Ronaldo because I’m doing it!," he said.

"I loved Ashley Cole growing up but if I said I want to play with him then I wouldn’t be playing!"

"If it wasn’t Ashley Cole, because I always idolised him, then I would say David Beckham because he is a legend for United and England."

"He is a massive role model to everyone involved in football."


"With Ashley Cole, I looked up to him. He was one of the best left-backs in the world for a number of years."

"[He] obviously played for England and I used to go to Chelsea games when I was younger and watch him and with me being a left-back, I always looked up to him and wanted to be like him because if I could be anything like him then you know you are doing something right."

Ashley Cole, Now 40 years of Age hs earned himself a coaching Job at Chelsea's Academy. Meanwhile, David Beckham is the President and Co-owner of American League Side, Inter Miami.
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