Chelsea's Midfielder, Jorginho has admitted that he was quite sure that Italy were going to win the EUROS after seeing Arsenal's Bukayo Saka stepping up to take a Penalty Kick against Donnarumma.

Italy were Crowned champions of EURO 2020 After Beating England 3-2 on Penalties. Goals from Leonardo Bonucci and Luke Shaw for both sides during Regulation time Ensured that the game Proceeded to Extra time and then Penalty Kicks.

For England, the Trio of Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford and Bukayo Saka all missed their Spot Kicks. Italy also had some Missed attempts from Jorginho and Andrea Bellotti but the Azzurris converted more spot kicks than their Rivals Which was enough to crown the European Champions.

Reflecting on the decisive Spot Kick which Confirmed Italy as Champions, Chelsea's 2021 Ballon D'or contender, Jorginho has Admitted that he was pretty sure that Bukayo Saka wouldn't get the Better of Donnarumma in Goal.

"I walked back (after missing his penalty) and it was a long, long walk", Jorginho told The Telegraph

"I looked and saw it was Saka and Gigio [Donnarumma] and I was pretty sure he was going to save it. I was like “it’s ok, it’s done”.’

"I still think about the final, especially the penalty," he said.

"People might say it doesn’t matter, but it does for me. It hurts. It still hurts now, even though we won."

"Whoever says it doesn’t because it doesn’t matter is a liar. I couldn’t believe it, Pickford did very well."

"I just thought “f***, I disappointed my team-mates” because they trusted me so much in that moment."