Former French Footballer, Thierry Henry has heaped Praises on the Trio of Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski as he believes, these Strikers are the Best in the UEFA Champions League currently 

The Former Arsenal Man has dropped his Candid opinion on the three Aforementioned players who plays similar position as a Striker. Henry Believes Cristiano Ronaldo is the Best amongst all while Karim Benzema at Second Position is the Most Complete Striker in the World, citing the Fact that the Real Madrid star Man has been able to thrive and shown his Worth to the world Ever since the Departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. 

Robert Lewandowski, the latest European Golden Boot Winner is the Third best Striker in the UCL according to Thierry Henry. 

"You have to give this guy [Ronaldo] a lot of credit, why? Because simply what he has done with the national team, what he’s doing right now for United," he told CBS Sports as per

"What he has been doing for Juve, Real Madrid and United before, it is second to none if we’re talking about a No.9, you have to give him his respect."


"I think he [Benzema] is the most complete striker in the world, he can do everything at ease and has answered the call since Ronaldo left, he won the Champions League so many times and I think that’s good enough for number two," he added.

"I think he’s [Lewandowksi] been doing it for a very long time, one of the best predators I have seen in the game but he won one Champions League. The guys that are ahead of him have won it multiple times."