Super Eagles Legend and King of Skills,Austin Jay-Jay Okocha has chosen Brazilian and former FC Barcelona player, Gaucho Ronaldinho as his best ever team Mate.

Austin Jay-Jay Okocha and Gaucho Ronaldinho played together at PSG during the 2001-02 Ligue 1 season and both served as a thorn in the flesh of defenders whenever they display their Skills

"The best teammate that I ever played with is Ronaldinho because when you are playing with someone that is a bit similar like you, you don't need to communicate to understand each other." Okocha said in an interview on Eurosport two days ago,

"Just looking at each other, you know what to do and for me my best opponent was myself because I always put myself under pressure to do well, to be the best in wherever I am."

"I always believe that I am the only person that can stop myself, and because I also I believed that I had a special talent."

Jay-Jay Okocha played at PSG for 4 years from 1998-2002 but only spent 2 years with Ronaldinho who joined the club in 2001.