Former Super Eagles player and assistant head coach of the Super Eagles , Daniel Amokachi has responded to claims made by Former International, Chinedu Obasi as regards to Bribery in the National team.

Just recently, Chinedu Obasi came out to say that he was denied entry into the National team squad that partook in the 2014 FIFA World cup held in Brazil due to refusal to pay a certain about of Money.

In regards to this Claim made by Chinedu Obasi, Amokachi who was working hand-in-hand as assistant head coach with late Stephen Keshi who led the team to the tournament has come out to respond to what Obasi said

“Why come forward with such now when the man in charge is no longer alive to answer it?” Amokachi told The cable

“Even look at it, this happened in 2014 and six years after you are coming forward with such claims? Why wait until now? It doesn’t make sense to bring such an issue when the head is no longer alive to respond to you?

“I am not saying such things don’t happen. Up until tomorrow, this thing does happen in African football but for us to have a change, when such happens, come forward with such. Be the sacrifice so as to prevent others from going through the experience.

“It is not about one person, it’s a revolution, a change, that if we start, it will change a lot of things in our football.

“This issue of bribe-taking or collecting in our football is not a one-way thing. Agents of players will come and meet a coach to offer money for their players to be taken.

“It’s a two-way thing. Sometimes, players are the ones that will even go to the coach to say my agent said he will pay for me to be part of the team."

“You will also see some administrators and coaches who have turned agents that will try to be influencing things from the side.”

On the other hand, Valere Hondonou who was also an assistant to late Stephen Keshi and a member of the coaching crew that me the boys to the tournament has come out to say that Chinedu Obasi doesn't deserve a place in the team.

“The question is, who could he have replaced among the strikers then?”  He was invited like every other potential player that could make the World Cup then because the coaching crew wanted to take the best to Brazil then." Houdonou said

“He failed to make the list because he could not displace anyone in the team.” He concluded