FIFA has ruled Cardiff City to pay Nantes certain amount out of the transfer fee for Late Emiliano Sala who tragically lost his life in plane crash last season.



FIFA has attempted to settle the misunderstanding between Welsh side Cardiff City and Nantes amid the death of Emiliano Sala.
According to reports, its believed Cardiff City are to pay the sum of £5.3m to Nantes although, not what was agreed for the transfer of the Argentine before his sudden death stroke.
Cardiff City had refused to pay the agreed £15m to the French side, stating that Sala never completed the transfer before his death and so therefore they shouldn’t be the one to suffer the loss.
It appeared both sides were nowhere near settling the rift as they headed for the FIFA’s Players Status Comitte to help settle the issue.
FIFA decided Cardiff would give the sum of £5.3m to Nantes as it was meant to be the first installmental fee that would been paid if Sala was to be alive.

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“The Committee never lost sight of the specific and unique circumstances of this tragic situation during its deliberations,” Fifa said while explaining their decision.
It appears Cardiff City would agree to pay the sum but seems otherwise for Nantes who are asking for the full transfer fee. Be it as it may, both clubs have until 10 days to launch for an appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport based in Lausanne.

Source: Somtosports