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Here Are 5 things you must do to become a great footballer.

1.PASSION : This is a determining factor towards becoming a successful pro footballer. Passion is an inner drive you have towards something. For you to be successful in a chosen career or field, YOU MUST BE PASSIONATE ABOUT IT

Become a great footballer

2.DETERMINATION: Achieving your dream of becoming a great footballer would be very difficult if you are not determined to. Determination drives you towards achieving your goals in life. It makes you see every obstacle as a challenge and as a STEPPING STONE TO SUCCESS.

Become a sucessful great footballer

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3.HARD-WORK: The role of hard-work towards becoming a successful pro footballer cannot be overlooked. PASSION AND DETERMINATION WOULD AMOUNT TO NOTHING IF YOU DON'T PUT EFFORTS TOWARDS ACHIEVING YOUR GOAL. check out a list of what you should do;
  • Attend trainings regularly.
  • Give your 100 percent whenever you are given an opportunity.
  • Train on your own.
  • Research.
Become a great footballer

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4.SELF CONFIDENCE: If others believe in you, YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF , if others trusts you, you must trust yourself,. Be ready to take up new challenges, BE BOLD AND COURAGEOUS EVEN IF NO ONE BELIEVES IN YOU.

5. PATIENCE: Be patient enough, DON'T GIVE UP! Pursue your dreams, YOU CAN DO IT! Don't let anything or anyone discourage you. Of-course there are times when you feel discouraged, you feel let down, it seems nothing is going right. Instead  of feeling discouraged, ask yourself "what am i not doing right?". ITS OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES AND ITS EVEN BETTER TO LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES AND WORK ON THEM   

  • Be open to opportunities.
  • Take a proper diet.
  • Enroll into a standard soccer academy.
  • Watch football videos to improve your skill.
  • Be professional! Even when you are not, act like one.
  • Most importantly, Put God first.
 Hope you have learnt something from this article. Put all into practice and see yourself soar high  like an eagle. You feel there is anything we are missing, feel free to drop yours in the comment section.

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