... Conquering the world with a Ball at your Feet

Conquering the World With a Ball at your Feet By Emmanuel Jay

       More than Half of the world's male Teenage Population aspire to become great footballers, cherished and adored by fans all over the world but only a handful of them realize their dreams. They Look up to and mirror themselves as great players such as Pele, Maradona ,Cryuff, Zidane, Jay Jay Okocha and the ever Dominant Duo of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The question before us now is;


Have you ever taken time to go deep into knowing more about your football idols, their struggles, determination, commitment right from their youthful age? Rather than swimmin in the pool of your imaginations. STOP WISHING YOU WERE, MAKE SURE YOU ARE!

You really want to  become great just like some of the aforementioned Football stars and yet you are not ready to go through the thick and thins? You are already giving up just after some few challenges, like seriously? You want to realise your dreams in a platter of gold? Where is the Hardwor? Focus? Determination? In the last article , we talked about 5 Tips to becoming a professional soccer player